AOC Gaming is Closed


AOC Gaming is Closed The site will still be online, just will be used strictly as a sandbox to insure any code will work the same on the host as it does on the development server. Rants and raves will continue at Hope to see you all there Skramble

The Fanboy


It does not matter what online communication platform used, you will run into the stereotypical fanboy. The PC fanboy will ONLY play pc games, for the graphics destroy any other platform. This is the same for all the other fanboys out there, whether it is the platform, developer, game type, or whatever other category a…

Practice Using Bishop Knight King to Mate in Chess

Here you can practice forcing black into mate. In a real chess match, a player can declare stalemate once 50 moves have been made. The practice chess board will not declare stalemate at 50, so you can go as long as it takes to checkmate black. Some claim that learning or practicing this mating technique…


A lot of time is saved when code is found to meet a website requirement. SportsPress by ThemeBoy excited me and just had to give it a try. Out of the box SportsPress works very well for a Team Website. If there was a project on the table for a Team Website, SportsPress would be a…